Jacob & Emma



Hey Coke Talk!

Hope 2013 has been treating you well…just wanted to let you know that we are still reading and still out here making things happen, but all the while, keeping your motto in mind (see attached picture from our 2nd anniversary).

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for writing our wedding vows. They hold just as true today as they did the day we said them. We are building a wonderful life together as absolute best fucking friends, and our marriage has been more fucking awesome than we could ever imagine.

Cheers and love and all good things,

Jacob & Emma

Holy shit, you two are sickeningly adorable. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. Thank you for this!


Fuck Yeah



How awesome is this? The couple I helped write custom wedding vows sent a picture of themselves wearing my fuck yeah rings at their ceremony!

They said reciting their vows was “an amazingly beautiful moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives,” and “we were so overcome with emotion we could barely get the words out.”

Fuck yeah, indeed!


Custom Coke Talk Wedding Vows

The other day, a couple wrote in to Dear Coke Talk asking me to assist them in writing their wedding vows.

That shit was too charming to pass up, so we traded a few emails, and they turned out to be cool as fuck, squishy in love, and completely serious about having a lunatic stranger from the internet make up the magic words that would turn them into husband and wife. Good times.

I had them fill out a fairly extensive questionnaire, and before you know it, I’d mixed them up some casual, heartfelt, and highly personalized wedding vows.

Here they are. Enjoy!

Wedding Vows

for Jacob and Emma


Emma. Sweet Cherry Cone Meerkat. I am in awe of you. I am in awe of us. Our marriage is going to be awesome.

You are brilliant and beautiful, my perfect partner, my best fucking friend. I can’t wait to start spending the rest of our lives together. Being super creative. Challenging each other. Staying hip. Being good people. Being awesome.

You are my number one girl for life. Let’s go show these people how it’s supposed to be.

Jacob. Wonderful Ice Cream Grasshopper. My love for you is not devotion, but I am devoted to you. My love for you is not adoration, but I adore you. My love for you is not passion, but I am passionate about you. My love for you is simply love. All encompassing. Unconditional. Love.

Your hand fits perfectly in mine. So today, take my hand, and let’s go build a wonderful life together.