Maxi Dress


Dear Coquette,

I too am heading to Vegas to escape Carmageddon. However, it is my first time and I want to look fucking awesome. The only thing is I’ve got a 36 C rack, I’m 5’8 and about 160 depending on the week. I can’t rock those skimmpy, thin as paper numbers but I still want to break necks. I am going shopping tomorrow night after an unsucessful trip tonight. Any suggestions? And I’m not trying to spend a weeks pay on a dress either. Thank you for contributing to the world.


On the West Coast from the East Coast looking for a sweet time in Vegas

Try going for a brightly colored maxi dress like this one from Michelle Jonas. The jersey fabric will breathe in the Vegas heat, and its empire cut should flatter your curves in all the right places.

Minibar for the Mind



Minibar for the Mind

The School of Life has paired up with Morgans Hotel Group to create a “Minibar for the Mind.” It comes with conversation starters, a volume of collected thoughts, and a writers block pencil set in case you get inspired. Next time I’m at the Mondrian, I will definitely raid this minibar.

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