Make America Great Again



“Make America Great Again” by Illma Gore
11″X14″ Pastel Pencils, 2016

“Make America Great Again” is about the significance we place on our physical selves. One should not feel emasculated by their penis size or vagina, as it does not define who you are. Your genitals do not define your gender, your power, or your status.

Simply put you can be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants.


A Little Shout-Out


I’m only posting this because I get a tiny little shout-out at the 6:00 mark. I know it’s insignificant, but I’m kinda proud to be in the company of those permanent tabs.




In 2002, the FDA issued a warning to Kraft that Velveeta was misbranded as a “Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread.” That term has a legal definition as a food, and sadly, Velveeta does not qualify. In response, Kraft changed the label to “Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product,” a term for which the FDA does not maintain a standard of identity.


Prescription Pill Backpack



Prescription Pill Backpack

The Olsen twins collaborated with Damien Hirst to come up with a limited edition crocodile backpack adorned with prescription pills.

It’s priced at $55,000. Yes, that’s fifty-five thousand dollars.

Twelve of these tacky obscenities will be made, proving there are at least a dozen super-rich art-tards who will buy anything with Hirst’s name on it.

Oh, Chuck




When I found out that CokeTalk, a.k.a. Coquette, had some new handbags, I went out and bought several. They are perfect for a sassy night out on the town, or sassy everyday use.

Oh, Chuck, you magnificent bearded lunatic. You know how to make me smile.


Courtney Stodden



Part of me wishes that Courtney Stodden was a performance artist, and this is all subversive postmodern commentary on American hegemonic value systems. The other part of me is just glad someone picked up the Anna Nicole Smith torch and ran with it.


Sprinkles ATM


Maybe I’m reading too much into The Sprinkles 24-Hour Cupcake Dispenser, but this thing is piece of subversive installation art.

I can’t get over the visual metaphor of a Malibu Barbie Dream ATM that shits out fancy-fuck cupcakes to Beverly Hills B-team hookers at three A.M. after they strike out at the Four Seasons hotel bar. It’s so ridiculous.

When I think about what this pink monstrosity really says about my culture, my city, and (who are we kidding) my gender, it occurs to me that Banksy couldn’t have designed it better himself.

On the bright side, this is definitely a tipping point for the most cloying artisanal hipster trend of the last few years.

Ugh. I really am tired of all this endless fucking cupcakery.


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