Who else is watching the new season of Tough Love on VH1? Reality television is usually a guilty pleasure, but I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit I love that show. It’s female positive, Steve Ward is the real deal, and I’m genuinely rooting for those crazy bitches.

I actually got a dose of Steve’s tough love once. It was on a girls night out at Crown Bar back when that place was hot for a minute. He happened to be there, and we did one of those locked eyes from across the room things. We chatted for a bit, and being my usual smart-ass self, I told him, “You’re cute. Too bad you’re gay.”

That was definitely his button, because once I pushed it, he launched into Tough Love mode. It was awesome. He cornered me and started pouring on the relationship advice. If any other dude had tried that, I would have shredded his ass, but Steve in his usual way managed to be a total sweetheart.

He said I was hot, and that I could have my pick of guys, but I was too strong. Too mouthy. He called me a runner, and that the reason I hadn’t settled down was because I move too fast.

Duh, Steve.

Still, I appreciated that he took the time to dress me down. It was fun. At the end, we hugged it out, and to this day I’m a total fan. He really is a cutie.

Too bad he’s gay.