I just finished watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore right after watching the republican debate in Iowa, and damn, those two shit shows have surprisingly similar casting:

Mitt Romney is The Situation. He’s an untrustworthy narcissist with way more money and screen time than he deserves.

Rick Santorum is Ronnie. He’s a total schmuck who makes terrible decisions and overcompensates for a tiny penis with confrontational behavior.

Tim Pawlenty is Pauly D. He’s a harmless grinning idiot that doesn’t cause much drama and no one takes too seriously.

Ron Paul is Vinny. He’s the sweet one who’s almost adorable until he opens his mouth, and then you realize that he’s just as ridiculous as all the others.

Newt Gingrich is Snooki. He’s a disgusting little goblin that repeatedly gets his ass kicked on the way out the door, yet somehow manages to stay relevant.

Michele Bachmann is Jwoww. She’s the hottest chick in the room, which isn’t saying much, and she’s damaged to the point where she can’t tell when she’s hooking up with a closeted gay dude.

Sarah Palin is Angelina. She’s not even officially part of the show, but she still manages to make appearances, and everyone fucking hates her.