Fuck The Police


Imagine you are part of a small group of women walking down the street in whatever town you call home. Suddenly, a half dozen men carrying guns swarm around you with a large net and hold you captive. Without provocation or warning, two of the men rush toward you and spray weaponized chemicals into your eyes and mouth that cause searing pain like you’ve never felt before in your life. You fall to the sidewalk shrieking in agony. No one is able to help you, because the men are all still holding you against your will.

In any other context, these men are criminals engaged in a conspiracy of false imprisonment and aggravated assault. Even in the context of the current Wall Street protests, they are little more than a brute squad. Personally, I don’t care that they’re wearing a badge. They may claim to be law enforcement, but they are enforcing no laws. They are doing what storm troopers have always done in the name of order, and they act without any fear of reprisal.

Thing is, cowards like that wouldn’t know legitimate civil unrest if it was shooting at them from the rooftops. Americans used to chase down unjust authority figures and tar and feather them in the streets. The least these non-violent protestors could do is document the badge numbers of the officers committing these acts of brutality. Give us their names.

They are just men, after all.

Fuck the police.