Honey Cunt



“I hinted to my sugar daddy that my best girlfriend and I would like the “honey cunt” necklace as a sort of grown up “bff” necklace. He, of course, was all for it and the necklaces arrived today along with the condoms and popping candies. I was so excited that you included little gifts in the package. It reminded me of when I used to order stuff from places as a teenager and they would send random gifts like stickers and compilation CDs with the order.  The Care Bear sticker on the package was also a nice touch. Thanks so much for making my day with your awesome package making skills!”


I just got this note in my inbox, and it pretty much made my day. I just love the ridiculous notion that two little sugar baby BFF’s are out there eating Pop Rocks and Care Bear Sharing it up with my Honey Cunt necklaces.

Yeah, the Coquette Boutique may not be making the world a better place, but at least I get to make a few candy lovin’ whores smile.

Stay wild, bitches.