Coke Talk of the Day

The best part of having been kicked off tumblr is that now Dear Coquette has a blossoming, vibrant comments section. (I technically had comments before, but interesting discussions inevitably peeled off into reblog oblivion.)

I’ve really enjoyed watching this new layer of communication grow over the past few months. I gotta admit, I’m kinda proud of how thoughtful and positive everyone has been.

You guys rock.

On American Gun Lust

I’m so sick of selfish American men clutching their stupid gun collections and screaming, “Mine!” like a bunch of bratty little two year olds. That childish reflex is the very thing that makes mass shootings a part of our culture in the first place. It’s all just American gun lust.

I’m a gun owner, but please, put me in a database. Make me carry a license. Require me to buy insurance. Please, at the very least, do all those things.

We don’t have to live in a society where mass shooting tragedies arrive like regularly scheduled programming. We can change the laws. We can change the culture. We just have to get rid of American gun lust.

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