To everyone who’s written in to Dear Coke Talk,

First off, let me just say thank you. You guys are fucking awesome.

I wanted to take a quick second to tell you how much I appreciate you sending in your questions — from the whacked-out lunatic diatribes to the heartfelt and intimate personal dilemmas, I love ‘em all.

When I first started Dear Coke Talk, I could take my time answering every single question that popped into my inbox. Today, I officially gave up the last shred of hope that I would ever be able to keep up.

What was at first dozens quickly became many hundreds, and now I’m faced with a mountain of questions — good ones — that will never be answered.

I still read them all, but from here on out it’s pretty much random chance which ones I end up answering.

That’s not to say I don’t want to hear from you. By all means, keep sending in your questions.

Just know that this is something I do when I’m killing time at work or recovering from a night of debauchery. It’s not my full time job, so if I haven’t answered your question, it sure as hell isn’t personal.

Thanks again for writing, and stay wild!